Nick Simmons

Here is some of my work.

Scope Magazine

The publication that looks at the strange, flawed and human side of science. Scope is about how science is changing in a broader sense and presents unkown stories that you won’t read in other science publications. From a guy who makes nuclear power in his house to a NASA scientist who thinks we're all living in a computer algorithm, this first issue of Scope is dedicated to the very big and the very small.
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Sea of Trash

One of the biggest problems facing the many ecosystems in the Pacific Ocean is the vast amount of plastic that enters the water from various sources. This educational poster gives a broad look at how plastic get’s into the Pacific, the effect it has on wildlife, and what is being done to understand and solve this massive problem.
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UW Design Identity

The senior show for the University of Washington Design department is a culmination of the students' best work and presents how they have developed as designers throughout their education. The theme of "Taking Shape" was the backbone for this identity, which uses amorphous forms to convey the process of that development and an ever-changing set of skills and knowledge. Visit to see the show. The show poster for the UW Design Show my graduating year. I photographed folded paper forms and compiled them to create these amorphous forms to convey the theme of "Taking Shape". Visit to see the show.
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Big Sailing

These informational spreads give an overview of two of the most esteemed sailing events in the world. The goal was to create accessible content for readers unfamiliar with sport-sailing while including historical and technical details that would appeal to experts.
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Hey Marseilles Makes An Album

The album making process is unique to every band. Here we explore the methods employed by Hey Marseilles to create "The Lines We Trace". This video was created in anticipation of the album release and tour in the Spring of 2013.
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